Experience true Japan:
a must-try in Kyoto!

I am performing more than 20 tea

ceremonies a year at various temples and

shrines, mainly throughout Kyoto.

Through the tea ceremony, you can

experience traditional Japanese culture

at first hand.

Join me on a journey to the

heart of Japan's ancient capital!

Ute Sawada

Renowned and active member of Senchadō Ōbaku Baisa-ryū, a major Japanese tea service school with a long history and tradition well-known in Japan.

Expert at performing and teaching the tea ceremony in Japanese and English, as well as in German, to both Japanese and non-Japanese persons.

Experienced as both practitioner and instructor, while continuously receiving lectures from high-ranking tea masters and joining important events.

Co-founder and manager of Machiya Hotel YANAGI, a traditional Japanese Kyoto-style town house renovated in the image of Zen Buddhism.

Official appearances include tea ceremony performances at more than 20 famous locations, like Kamigamo-jinja Shrine or Manpuku-ji Temple.

Vast knowledge about Japanese culture, history, tradition, language and much more. Currently living in Kyoto, BA (Hons) in Japanese Studies.

Principal Activities & Appearances




Ise Jingū Magatama Association

Tea-Offering Ceremony

Hotel "Umi no Chō"

Ise (Mie Pref.)